Classic Collision Atlanta Blah Blah Blah #300

Posted on 05. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


What gives us the strength to continue on? For me…its that sinking feeling inside…the one where…just when I think that things are going to be fine, again…

Then, Manfred pulls something SOOOOOOOO underhanded…something so unspeakable…that I realize..

What will you tell your wife now? Before, you tried to tell others that I was a money grubbing whore. She would take one look at me…and see that I am quite capable of landing a man who would give me anything that I wanted…if that’s what I wanted. Are you now going to say how sorry you are…only when you get busted…and say that you couldn’t control yourself. That wouldn’t make sense, either…especially from a man who can have his pick of the litter…If I’m unattractive and you can have your pick of the litter, why would you still be trying to have sex with me…even after you threatened my life?????

You will say anything. This situation would have been bad enough and easy to try to lie your way out of…40 years of infidelity….that’s more that a closet full of skeletons…that’s more like a basement….

Each moment is passing. Each moment will not last. Sure as s—, the back pain comes seeping in again …and I must verbalize…what you have done to me…is doing to me…

My fight to regain my sanity is in a constant battle with Manfred’s revenge.

It is sad. I miss the days when I used to cry my eyes out. Now, its crippling back pain ad total exhaustion. Id like to blame it on other things…it doesn’t pan out!

Nevertheless, your wife made a commitment to you…for worse and for worse…

I made a commitment to keep writing…each day I post, keeps me alive an additional day..

You are all about revenge..

I’m all about survival…

Who knows…maybe you are doing as I suggested…maybe you are at the mall trying to buy better excuses….

Since all you care about is winning…do yourself a favor…file a suit against me..

This will be in the media…your wife will confront you…

It is the only way that I can make sure…that no matter how long you wait to kill me…that the police will knock on your door…

Because…it will be in PUBLIC RECORDS. You will noted as the person most likely…now, next in line to _______….to want me dead. You have now involved the next generation. How pathetic. All because you are a sick, demented molester!

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