Classic Collision Atlanta Boston 4/15/13 #304

Posted on 01. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Yesterday, after the bombing…someone asked me…”What is wrong with people?”

Unfortunately, I feel like I am dealing with that type of Evil, myself!

I have no doubts that the person responsible for this is as horrible of a person, as Manfred Kammerer!

Oddly enough…why is it that these people do not want to take credit….when it really counts?

Why do they hide behind others?

They are jealous, hateful, greedy….

Oh, and they are missing that CARING thing!

I pray that everyone is able to survive this devastating situation. My heart goes out to everyone that was there. I pray that the loved ones…who lost a family member are able move forward and have somewhat speedy recoveries…

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