Classic Collision Atlanta Bullying at it FINEST! #23

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6/12/12- Manfred Kammerer, the owner of Classic Collision, is a SEXUAL PREDAOTOR continued…

My Yelp and Yahoo posts had been flagged. I can only guess that Manfred had/has people on the look out for future posts. You can see that the site below was initially listed on February 9, 2012(my post is 6/6/12, #). No one commented on this post until it was discovered that Manfred Kammerer, Sexual Predator, became quite a hit on Google.

One of the lovelies that stuck their necks our for Ebenezer Scrooge/Manfred Kammerer commented on this female’s sight…which I think is totally ignorant…she is a customer and Manfred is just a big enough ASS to allow one of his employees to write a post like this…poor reflection on the owner. If he loses this customer, I can safely say that he did it to himself.

The post made on one of Classic Collision’s customer’s site and my responses to that customer are below….


Day 40: So Sincere | Lakay Liberte


jesse rayburn on March 24, 2012 at 12:22 PM said:

engrid lirette was dismissed from her job and has several issues in her past of drug abuse etc. No one molested her, in fact she used to raise her skirt on the job and walk around with no panties on during her job. In fact she had relations with several fellow workers. Funny she would go after the one with money and not the others. No I am sure he is not going to sue her as she has no assets and only wants to ruin a man with an impeccable reputation. Its a shame you would even publish her review without backup documentation.

Engrid Lirette on March 27, 2012 at 4:23 PM said:

I find it interesting that you continue to make comments in reference to my employment, when you were not there. If I wanted to sleep with the owner of the company, why did it take a year for anything to take place? It is because I told Manfred about an affair that I had with one of the Body Shop Managers that was initiated by the manager. I told Manfred to fire me if he saw fit. From that point on, Manfred Kammerer began visiting Chamblee Classic Collision 3-5 times a week. He coerced/raped me, even after I warned him repeatedly of what it would do to me. If I were after money, I wouldn’t mess with the likes of someone like Manfred Kammerer. He wouldn’t give me gas money, although he used me as a Sperm Bank for 3.5 years and abused me for four years. In the end, I resigned, was taken to lunch by Manfred at Athens Pizza (formerly on PIB Blvd), asked to reconsider my resignation and was paid severance. You need to be asking management for those records.
I turned in my phone records, hotel records, a CD I had made of some of the voicemails that Manfred left on my phone, etc to a DeKalb County Detective that is reviewing my report of a RAPE CHARGE. This communication will be added to the investigation. Thank You!
He is using you and I feel sorry for you that you cannot see it. That’s O.K. I thought he was a decent person, for about five minutes, and look at what happened to me.

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  1. Exposed

    18. Aug, 2012

    They are not videos they are screen caps from a conversation where you did in fact specify that you where never raped. Turn your html on and you will see it.

    Your specific words where “the man never did force me against my will. The heartless asshole refused to help me with my medical bills, or loan me money. I needed those things.”

    Lets brush up on the definition of rape.
    Rape: forcing another person to have sexual intercourse

    So seeing as you where never actually forced to do anything(your words not mine) you where never actually raped. Which makes you no not a rape victim but a disgruntled gold digger who never got paid for her services.

  2. Exposed

    10. Aug, 2012