Classic Collision Atlanta BUOTA #168

Posted on 06. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Would you like to know what that means…It means Bite U On The -ss!

Sue me for slander. Sue me, period…Manfred.

You have  problems at home and you thought you might pretend to be something dreamy to me. That’s always easier than fixing your personal life…and being a real man…a real father…and a great husband. The answer is never to have sexual relations with another woman…and definitely not an employee. You’re a typical man who had to learn the hard way!

Your bottom feeding, scum sucking, lowlife dirt bag…who thinks its his right to treat female employees like they’re NEXT and male employees as if it is their job to take your beatings…for all of the screwing that you are doing! Don’t you see how sick you are…using your employees to attack me…in the hopes that I might attack them…then, you can pay for their attorney fees…and my site will get shut down. I think it is horrible that you would use your employee…allowing this person to drag their name through the mud and through the court system…when your not even willing to do it yourself. If those who are assisting you had a problem with me, they would have made videos and websites about me years ago…not at a time when you are so desperate to shut me down…most of the don’t know me…none of them were in the room when you raped, then abused me….over and over again.

Classic Collision Clearly condones Sexual Harassment of its female employees.

The owner of the company and members of management should be well versed on this subject and it should not be tolerated. Oops, that’s true…what are they going to do…fire the who enforces Sexual Harassment…fire the man who is KNOWN for sexually harassing and molesting his receptionists…in this case…RAPED.

I’m busy over here…I have got to go! I will leave you with one thought…how is spending all of your time and energy on me going to help your home life? You shouldn’t have had sex with another woman, much less an employee…but, you’re now inviting this garbage back into your life! You can only lie for so long, Manfred! Women aren’t as stupid as you think! Lets stop all of this nonsense…just sue me already! Wasn’t the bite on the ass, while I was picketing, bad enough! Remember, you have the resources to sue me…I only have the resources to maintain my site. Which one will end up costing you more? I can only imagine how much you have spent on hurting me…as if RAPE wasn’t enough!

Since all you care about is winning….don’t you want to make sure that you file suit against me first!!!!

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