Classic Collision Atlanta Can’t Give Up Now! #106

Posted on 01. Feb, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


The last few days have been really rough. I cannot figure out why. I think that I am lost and I am at a loss for words.

I have been talking to others about how one bad decision can change your life for the worst…in an instant. The decisions that I had made in my past had been really awful. My mind was warped, my body was weak. I did not choose this….but, now it is time to move on. How? Where? There is so much out there…and so much more to conquer.

How do you move on knowing that there are people like Manfred out there…screwing people, everyday and no one is doing anything about it…or they are too scared to say/do anything. People, this is happening everywhere, all over the world. Ignore it…but, what will you expect when it happens to you?

The biggest one that gets me is BULLYING. I’m seeing all of these signs and commercials…is anyone really doing anything? …or is it like this situation…no one is going to do anything until they find a body?

What can people do? People are scared to stand up for what’s right, in fear of being ostracized. that’s too bad because…this is going on in your own homes and in your own back yards. Some of you don’t know about it, some of you are in denial and some of you are too scared to say/do anything for fear of what you see happening to me!

Try not being able to get fully undressed in your own home, wherever that may be…

Try not being able to speak freely on your phone…

Try envisioning being gang raped and having your throat slit, at least once a week as you are trying to go to sleep…

Try being mortified to apply for a job because of the videos that have been made and spread all over the Internet by the MAN THAT RAPED YOU.


I am merely sad that I hadn’t noticed all of those who have suffered before me and I now have to figure out how to help those in need and help prevent this from happening to other young women.

You see, there are many men out there who are abusing women and they need to be stopped. May I say that a BIG FAT SMILE just came over my face. I just realized something….I do not think that you will do this to another female. Those who thought you were still up to your same tricks, while I was picketing have changed their minds.

Every time you think about getting your freak on with someone other than the woman you should be getting it on with…you will see me…and just like my telling you to kill me…so that I could haunt you for the rest of your life…let that haunt you too.

Just know that where there is a woman in distress…and you think that a piece of yourself is the answer to all of her troubles….think about me and I’ll be there.

You may be too much of a coward to sue me and I may not be able to find someone to help me sue you but…you sure as heck aren’t going to do this to another employee, will you!!!!! I’ll be like that attorney on TV…one call, that’s all!

Everyone has always said that Manfred has all of the CONTROL and all of the POWER…DOES HE?

Manfred, do you think anyone envies you right now?…You are a fool!


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