Classic Collision Atlanta Can Writing Really Save Your Life #390

Posted on 09. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I used to worry about posting, first thing in the morning…as if it is going to buy me that much more time.

Isn’t that messed up! Some people start their day with a cup of coffee, or a cigarette, maybe reading the morning paper…Not me. My day starts off with going to the Bank of Life…and making a small deposit. That small deposit buys me yet, another day. That day buys me several more months. Those months buy me, at least, a few more years.

Ooh…that was weird. I just realized something. When a person smokes…it is suggested that each and every cigarette….each and everyday…will lead to their ultimate demise. This is like smoking. This website is similar to cigarettes. Either of them would eventually kill me. But, the more I use this site, the longer I stay alive. I think I’ll stick to this alternative.

This vs. Lung Cancer… I think that this is a far more honorable alternative.

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