Classic Collision Atlanta Chasing The Dragon #383

Posted on 16. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


The people you have the most to gain from…you stand to risk more.

You may think that the people that are on lowest on the totem pole….are the least valuable. Think again!

What would you do, if they all stood up and walked away?

It doesn’t matter to you. Everyone is her to serve you, right!

I was reminded….its all of the small things, always. Everything that seems so insignificant…is actually very significant.

One big thing…then, its over. In the future we’re always trying to live up to it. Sweet nothings is what its all about!

Everyday, all day!

You could have everything…and that everything is due to one situation in particular. What if that one thing is destroyed? Then…you have nothing. Chasing a dragon…which took you a lifetime to catch. That lifetime is over. How will you ever catch it again? How will you recover? Maybe in another lifetime?

The following clip is about chasing the dragon…in the drug world. Interesting thing is…I have seen people look down on this…while they fail to see…that chasing anything…in excess… can destroy you…especially money.

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