Classic Collision Atlanta Christmas Chaos! #192

Posted on 12. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I was driving in a parking lot of a local retailer, this afternoon…wasn’t in a huge rush and realized…the faster I would have liked things to have happened, in that parking lot, the more impatient I could possibly become. I had allowed three or four other vehicles to exit the parking lot, in front of me…and sure as shit…the last guy I let pull out in front of me was followed by a total idiot! Within seconds…had I not put on my brakes, I would have creamed into his wife and child who were sitting in the back passenger seat.

What is it that everyone goes ballistic during the holidays? Do people not comprehend that there are 364 other days, during the year, to shop for Christmas!!!!! That’s what we get when we make it about everything other than what it is truly about! To think that this jerk off was willing to risk the life of his wife and child…so that he might get a parking space…five seconds quicker than the next guy!

That guy was a total douche! What a Manfred!

Then again…maybe a lot of people are angry about the fact that they will now have to pay all of those credit card bills that they have run up…looks like the world did not end, obviously!

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