Classic Collision Atlanta Circles #197

Posted on 07. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Why is it that I can move…what seems like twenty steps, forward…then, something will come along and it will; feel like I have moved thirty steps back.

Why is it that this scumbag has gotten away with molesting his employees for this long?

How is this any different than what the victims of Jerry Sandusky are experiencing?

When a person says NO, Manfred…it means NO! It does not mean that it is an opportunity for you to convince someone that they really want what you are about to take from them.

Many of the visible signs have lifted. Unfortunately, I feel as if they have taken on a different style of torture…and we all know that makes Manfred smile.

Poor little Manfred gets to sit on his perch…insulted…not because of what did wrong…after all, he is entitled to  what is between every females legs…

This is so sick and disgusting…but, its all Manfred. No matter what happens…from here on out…we can all be thankful…his family can be so very proud that they have a molester running its show.

Normally, the well to do would not dare respond to such rubbish…but, they sure as heck would stop it.

I care not about what your family is experiencing…I care about as much for them as they care for me.

Gee, maybe the police will help them…they sure as Hell haven’t done shit for me! Laugh all you want Manfred…I would think that you would wish that they would at least have pretended to act as if they cared…because, that only means…that each and everyday…another Atlanta resident gets to discover what a wonderful piece of work you are!

I feel much better now. As I have stated…had you not raped me…no one would be reading this post… go FUCK yourself, because no one else will have you…without coercion…and I’m going to go enjoy this big fat smile on my face!

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