Classic Collision Atlanta Class Cannot Be Bought! #303

Posted on 02. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Do I really have to do this today? Of course I do! I said what I said…and I meant what I meant!

The rollercoaster ride continues…

I am figuring out what I can do…or at least I am trying to figure out to do with this wall that I have hit.

It is very easy to say what we would or wouldn’t do…and then, sometimes…I think that some of our behavior tends to repeat itself…in much milder manners, as we get older.

Granted, there are things that I will never do again…even if I had a gun stuck to my head….

Now, I just have to figure out how to put everything in place….into play….back into its original place..

There’s too much that I thought that I had figured out…Then life threw more curve balls at me….

Maybe it would have been easier to sit back and watch the tournament…and not allow any of this consume me today.…

Then I think about Manfred bragging about having the key to the Mercedes House and I remember why I have to write.. He acts like he owns it..I just cannot wait until this is on the news and they get a wind of his behavior….

See that. Manfred! Why do you do disgusting stuff like that? If I was coming after you…what would be the need for you to brag on, continuously…about all of the stuff that you have?…to get into my pants?????

Well, we don’t have to go into all of that again. No one wants him…so he flaunts his possessions to rape and molest.

I have been taken to plenty of nice places and have enjoyed some of the finer things in life…

What I was looking for was a MAN who would treat me right…

Manfred, I have met men that are homeless and men that are wealthier than you…

You have no class…and wealth does not determine class! It cannot be bought!

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