Classic Collision Atlanta Cleaning House #159

Posted on 15. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


This morning I was nauseated, for quite sometime.

Yesterday, I was in the midst of a cleansing…I am getting rid of items for someone….those items brought me a great deal of pain. Things that I have seen come and go since I was probably five years of age.

I want so desperately to get rid of what is going on inside of me. I have a couple of great days…then, wham!

I cannot understand why someone would want to hold onto things that are bringing me such misery…I cannot imagine what kind of pain these items are bringing to their owner.

The items were moved into a mini storage and into another home. During that process, many items were thrown in the trash and the rest were donated. Since that time, the items have been rummaged through, once again…some thrown into the trash…some donated…the rest were moved into the mini storage. Recently, the items have been moved back to their initial destination…a lot has been thrown away…most of the remaining pieces will be donated…some things will be given to those who can use them.

What makes us hold onto all of those things that are now disintegrating…and can no longer be used by anyone? Is it fair to things to keep them hidden…and unused…only to end up in a dumpster? Wouldn’t it make more sense to give them to those who are less fortunate and may never have anything…or give them to someone who will enjoy them now…or back then?

Maybe we purchased these things because they brought us a moment of happiness…or we would have use for them in the years to come.

Life changes…accidents happen…we can no longer fit in the clothes we fit in 10 years ago…that diet never took place…menopause kicked in…or that extra hotdog at the ball game, every game day took its toll….

or you are now as small as you were in High School…and thank GOD some of us were able to get rid of some things but, have NO success at others…UGH!

I went through 36 years of items…items that brought back a lot of bad memories. I will be grateful when these items arte gone, for good. I have found that when we surround ourselves with bad memories…we eat, think and live poorly. Bad memories can cause us to believe that the bad that we have received was deserved…and somehow we don’t deserve better.

Maybe that is what my path in life is supposed to be about….. We think that life is going to turn out a certain way for us…well, let me tell you most of my life has been volatile…and until I can be fully aware of how to stay away from the Manfred of the world…my life was going to be like the moment that I almost cracked, in the storage.

Its O.K. to have bad moments…as long as I recognize them, learn form them and move on.

Most of my life has been lost to jerks like Manfred….if all I am able to accomplish in this lifetime…is to not land in this situation again…I guess those little mini storage moments are ok.

A few moments of misery, here and there are way better that what I was living a year ago.

They say that if you sleep with dogs, you get fleas….well, GOD, all I ask is for the wisdom to pick a man…that will at least pay for my vet bill when he gives them to me…You wont know if a man is a dog, until the first flea has taken a bite out of you…sad but, true!

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