Classic Collision Atlanta Continuous Tears #227

Posted on 11. Nov, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


It was mentioned that I was very emotional. It appeared that I have not had enough to heal!

Say what you want to, Manfred…it is very apparent to others. People do not behave the way I do…just because they have nothing better to do!

How do you speak to another female who has been raped, and not cry! When a person has had time to heal…granted….the emotions are less horrific.  Peoples’ emotions can intensify the emotional state of the people.

It isn’t about me. I am there to see that others know what their rights are….

No one at Classic told me what my rights were.

The things that have been exposed to recently…I would have never known how to go about finding these resources. Un fortunately, most women do not know that these resources are out there. It is sad.

Then again, males like Manfred make sure that they prey on women who are so screwed up…that they cant figure out if they are coming or going, to begin with….By the time they are finished with you, you can barely function….Getting through each day seems impossible!

The real reason I was crying was….we were discussing sex trafficking. How do these people do this stuff…for that many years…and sleep at night!

I’m proud that things like this make me ill! I am proud of myself that I was unable to continue to do things that destroy lives!

Coming full circle…now matter how hard it has been…and will be..has been a blessing!

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