Classic Collision Atlanta Crow, Anyone? #253

Posted on 16. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Just thought I’d let you know that a recent acquaintance of mine read this site…that person was in fear of their family’s safety…and they obtained a fire arm, in order to protect themselves.

You see…you threatened my life…and you did not think that I would stand up to you…or make it public…to where you cannot touch me, unless you do so LEGALLY!

That person has taken several of their vehicle to you, in the past. Do you think that they will be a returning customer?

Keep it up Manfred!

You raped me. You threatened my life. You want to keep playing this game?

These people are not scared of me. They love me…they cannot handle what comes with the territory…YOU!

So, as long as this site remains alive and kicking…I tell anyone who I may be exposed to…for any length of time. People have a right to know.

BTW…Do you think that these people do not share this information with family and friends?


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