Classic Collision Atlanta Cymbalta #170

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Back in March/April 2010, I was walking back into the entrance way of where I had resided…and bam…my back began to hurt so badly…that I thought I would have to crawl to the front door. The stress from my involvement with Manfred Kammerer had gotten so bad…that I had developed crippling back pain.

Well, it seems that everyone today is being forced “Happy Pills”….I didn’t want that! Masking things do not make them go away! Trust me…and I just confirmed that!

I began taking medication for pain…yet, the doctors kept pushing for me to take antidepressants….as they are known to help train the brain to believe that your body is not in pain…and, they are not addicting. Well, nearly 2.75 years later…I am still consuming the same amount that I was prescribed from the get go.

I do not wish to escape the pain that is hurting me…especially since most of it is due to what happened to me. I want to fix it!

Lets face it…your body can only handle so much, outwardly…then, look out insides! To those of you who are less resistant to taking medication…I thought you may wish to hear this little tid bit…The main reasons I didn’t want to be on antidepressants is:

Dehydration- deterioration of teeth; premature aging of skin

Numbness- going from train wreck to emotionally numb isn’t a good idea

No sex drive- probably not a bad idea

Weight gain- I absolutely refuse!

I thought some of you may be excited to hear that I tried Cymbalta. These were my side affects:

Manfred who?- that was wonderful while it lasted

No appetite- I have had to force feed myself

Severe dry mouth- very difficult to even think of drinking water when you have NO appetite

VERY groggy

Back pain- none for the first day; It felt like someone shoved a butcher knife through the left side of my lower back, by day three/Mid back pain resumed mid day.

Arthritis- very helpful.

So, you see…three days in and my body has kicked it to the curb. I am actually glad that I tried it. Its only taken me nearly three years to trust my doctor. Poor man!

I do not know if my back pain is as bad as it was when it hit me initially. I do know, however, that I would be in a wheelchair…had I not gotten away from that man…and whatever I have to do to get back to where I was…I have to do it! No man should be allowed to do this to a female!

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