Classic Collision Atlanta Days to Destruction #237

Posted on 01. Nov, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


The last week of my life has been tumultuous, at best. Would I take a moment of it back? Never!

I met a female…who was so much like me…that it scared me…in a good way! I saw my life flash before me. I could not comprehend…why someone so awesome…would allow herself to be mistreated!

Breaking the cycle is what matters.

I thought that it was interesting…people sit around and discuss how important their family and loved ones are to them…yet they physically/emotionally attach themselves to the most toxic people on the planet. Like that’s not gonna hurt everyone around us!

I have said it before…and I will continue to say it to myself…I have lost years to destruction….now, its only days. That, in itself, is a wonderful thing!


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