Classic Collision Atlanta DBPR #75

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I have not yet had the opportunity to respond to Manfred’s complaint in post #65, which is listed third on my site…for obvious reasons!

My name is Manfred Kamerer and I own the company Classic Collision. The blog site being hosted by godaddy operating under the current domain as well as is currently committing trademark infringement regarding my company ……Why haven’t you sued me? as well as slander against my professional image…If you are so concerned about your image, why have you been having sex with your employees? You have been doing so, at least since you were the General Manager of Dealership, before you opened Classic Collision….and you have been in business for nearly thirty years…it was before that…and it was well known that you were sleeping with employees there also. At least that is what I have heard and would borrow money from a bank to bet on it. SCREWING YOUR EMPLOYEES IS AGAINST THE LAW. WHY IS IT THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS SOOOOO BUSY TRYING TO POINT OUT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING WRONG AND TRYING TO PUNISH THEM..WHEN YOUR TEETH SHOULD ALREADY HAVE ROTTED OUT OF YOUR HEAD…WITH AS MANY TIMES AS YOUR HAND HAS BEEN CAUGHT IN THE COOKIE JAR. I GUESS WHEN YOU PAY WOMEN OFF, THERE IS NO REAL “BEING CAUGHT IN THE ACT”…IS THERE?…At least that is what I have been told!…from very reliable sources. The blog not only posts images and personal information that I never gave consent to having posted So, in posts #65 & #68, where I busted you for being affiliated with the person who made the videos of me…you asked me for permission to use information and images from my site? but sexual STOP having sex with your employees and you wont have to worry about this! and suicidal content as well You raped me, you decrepit old troll. Had you spent five seconds paying attention to the fact that I have been subjected to just about every kind of abuse you can imagine…WAIT, that would require a conscience….WAIT, you are not supposed to be screwing your employees. I wanted to die in order to escape what you did to me! I have attempted to contact Engrid Lirette you are a liar the woman posting on this site to have it taken down and so far nothing has been done on her part. I was sent Cease and Desist papers, on 9/28/11..trying to get me to stop passing out fliers. It is nearly a year later…are you getting your lies more confused than usual? That’s what happens to you with age…what is left of your conscience and nervous system…imagine a rat chewing on the wiring of an appliance, while in use, then tossed into the water. You are the rat and you will survive this physically, not so much mentally….ZZZZZ….zzzzzz….ZzZzZZZZzzzz am not comfortable with my company and professional image being associated with anything on this site THEN YOU SHOULD HAVE KEPT YOUR D— IN YOUR PANTS I need this site to be taken down immediately and I want the pony I was promised when I was a little girl.



People like you think that this is all a big game…and in the end, all you will care about is that you’ve won. I guess it depends exactly on what you think that you’ve won!


No one liked you before…what do you think they think of you now?


Yep, I have absolutely nothing…and I’d rather be stuck digging ditches in Mexico for an ETERNITY than have to spend five minutes in your shoes!

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  1. 8814 White Hat

    28. Aug, 2012

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  2. 8814 White hat

    28. Aug, 2012

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