Classic Collision Atlanta Dear Bullies #145

Posted on 27. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


So, those of you who are being paid to “BULLY’ me..I’d like to ask you a few questions:

1. If Manfred Kammerer is telling the truth, why isn’t he willing to sue me?

2. Does it not seem that he could really punish my by placing a garnishment on all of my future wages?

3. Why isn’t Manfred using his own name.

4. Why is Manfred using copying everything I do and using my material?

5. Do you really think that Manfred will protect you, if this goes to court?

6. Can Manfred Kammerer really guarantee you that this will not go to court?

7. If Manfred is not even willing to use his own name, do you not think that he will not use you?

8. Is it against the law for employers to have sexual relations with their employees?

9. If you were as wealthy as Manfred is, would you have sued me…not for financial gain but, to shut me up?

10. What would all of your mothers think about what you are doing?

11. Has Manmfred Kammerer made sexual advances towards any of you or asked you to find him a girl?

12. Why is Manfred doing everything but, the one thing that will shut my site down?

13. Do you really think that the person he is using…to try to get me to slander him, so that I might be sued by him instead of Manfred…is really “COOL” with the position that he is being placed in?

14. If Manfred is willing to use him…doesn’t it make sense that he did do what I have stated?

15. How would you feel if someone were doing to you…what you are doing to me?

16. Why are you projecting such hatred towards someone you have never met…and has obviously never done anything personal towards you?

17. How many people do you think discover my website daily?

18. Do you think that Manfred is embarrassing his family?

19. Name one thing that Manfred has ever done for anyone without an ulterior motive?

20. If Manfred were married to your mother…and spent their entire marriage having more sex with other women than her…and was molesting THEIR companies’ employees…would you still be on his band wagon?

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