Classic Collision Atlanta Death Row Smoke #433

Posted on 27. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Hate to burst your bubble, again. I ran into a service advisor from a dealership, the other day….they think my old boss owns Classic Collision. Manfred…nobody knows who you are!

Weird, most people have killed their outside sales force….yet Manfred is spending six figures for someone to visit the dealerships. If a customer takes their car directly to his shop…based on a referral…they don’t have a chance to research him on the Internet. Its all a game to him.

He wont give his whore gas money but, he’ll spend that kind of money on courting….doesn’t make sense.

Live at 5, Manfred. Enjoy the harvest from the storms. Even I am not opposed to allowing a man on death row, one last smoke!

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