Classic Collision Atlanta Dido #224

Posted on 14. Nov, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I listened to this song today…it reminded me of who I used to be….and the times that are yet to come…somewhere, somehow, I got lost in the mix. My identity has ALWAYS FALLEN TO A WHO MAN WHO IS CONSUMED BY HOW I MAKE HIM LOOK AND FEEL…IT HAS USUALLY NEVER ABOUT WHAT I NEED OR WANT OR WHAT IS IN MY BEST INTEREST. Sometimes I didn’t understand why I was the way I was…or why I am the way that I am. I am beginning to have a better understanding of that now.

I have to make sure that if I do anything…that I’m getting what I want and need out of it. Being to kind in this world leaves you open to the Manfreds …one fell swoop and your life, as you know it, can be over.

Don’t ever let anyone cheat you out of your most valuable asset in life…yourself!

Dido – Hunter

If you have a hunter, within…..and that hunter has died….you will want to Google these words!

I never wanted anything to do with you. This is now about revenge for you. You are pissed because I rejected you…although you raped me, abused me for four years and threatened my life. Grow up, you little boy. That’s just it…you are just another little punk who was/is still playing games with me…when I needed a man to care for me. You stepped in at the most vulnerable time in my life…and just when I thought that I could not be hurt that badly again….you nearly destroyed my life.

You will never do to another female…what you did to me.

Now, all your bases are covered!

If you had an ounce of Integrity…you wouldn’t be molesting your employees, customers  and business associates! Or, you’d sue me to put this in Public Records! One can only hope!

Right at this moment…I bet you’re willing to admit to yourself…you should have stayed the hell away from me.

Call a woman crazy again…and see what happens! All the result of SCUM BAGS like you!

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