Classic Collision Atlanta D&M #203

Posted on 01. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I watched The Women of Brewster Place…..for about the millionth time yesterday. Its amazing how emotional I became. Part of it was because I was still feeling horrible..part of it was because of the racial slurs that I have received on my site and part of it was because, I had forgotten about what finally caused the women to take a stand…and make a change..even though it may have only made a difference for a brief least they did something.

One of the women was raped. She was raped by one of the gang members that hung out by this “eye site” of a wall that the city built..for various reasons…which will take to much time to go into. Needless to say, it gave the city an excuse to not have to face a lot of what it did not want to see. Even though the people that lived in the area were destitute…most of them did not care to be subjected to behavior that this rape victim was subject to, through no fault of her own.

Their lives were definitely a struggle..and no matter what they did…it seemed as if nothing would ever change..that no one cared…and that no matter what they might do…it wouldn’t make a difference.

Because of the rape…the people of this area broke down and started tearing down the eye sore that made them feel like trash. Sometimes its hard to make improvements when others would like to keep you down! You can’t really continue to screw people if you give them the opportunity to figure out what your doing to them…..They were all being raped, in one form or another, and finally had enough!


Deprivation and Mental Cruelty! Its amazing what gives certain people an erection!…and as long as the victims are continued to be allowed to be used as sperm banks..thats all people like Manfred care about!


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