Classic Collision Atlanta Does Anyone Even Know? #110

Posted on 28. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


What’s it like…

Waking up in the morning…and all you can ask yourself, all day long is

What about me? What about me? What about me?

Walking around with your hand out, expecting handouts you aren’t about to hand out to anyone else?

Expecting others to remember and bare gifts…when you cannot even bother to remember…or bother to ask…but, you’d sure as Hell act like you do to get something out of somebody!

Telling others to get over the fact that you cannot be bothered to remember special occasions….when they become horribly distraught because they cannot believe that anyone could be so hateful, greedy, rotten and selfish? After all, you were the one that presented yourself to be a Human Being with a conscience…but, that was only to bleed dry the person who is very conscious of others needs of those around her.

Thinking that the world revolves around you, yet you have no use for those who are supposed to idolize you?!?!?

Giving a used gift to your personal sperm bank…that you probably took out of your significant other’s closet…after being forced to acknowledge a day of significance to said sperm…it only took you three years????…Is anyone other than myself so grossed out right now that they cannot se straight!!!!!

What will you expect today….out of all of those that you could care less about, expect everything from and wouldn’t dare turn down a handout from?????

What is it like, Mr. Something for Nothing?

May this day be filled with the kind of heartache, grief, neglect and selfishness that you bestow on everyone else…everyday.

I waited to post my post today. My reasons are no one’s business other than my own.

For those of you that catch on…and wish to acknowledge what you think may be the topic of my discussion…be careful of the hand, the hand that will that will be placed before you…expecting gifts. If you are a female…you may wish to make your acknowledgement from another room…

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