Classic Collision Atlanta Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell #234

Posted on 04. Nov, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! Say What?

I was asked the other day…if I had been involved with someone’s ex boyfriend. It appears that I was supposed to lie!

Isn’t it funny…people can sit around…and watch people screw one another…and never say a word. No, it is sad!

I told the truth. I know what it is like…to be in Hell…and mentally/physically not be able to escape the situation that I am in…and someone could simply inform me of the truth…and that truth could set me free! Yet, the majority would rather remain safe…all the while…the same thing could be happening to them…

I’m proud of what I did! I helped another female escape a very toxic situation. She was lied to before…and after…and what was the response…

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell! I guess that usually works out pretty well for him, huh!

What he doesn’t know is…I can read it before he writes it! I made sure that I screwed up the opportunity to allow myself to be around him any longer! I now have a built in shit detector! You can fool me for so long…and then, a man’s cologne will no longer be able to cover his stench!

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