Classic Collision Atlanta Don’t Blame Me! #116

Posted on 22. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Once in a while, I forget to turn of the comments and pings, when I post…and one sneaks it. This is another desperate attempt…by Manfred Kammerer…to take the attention off of himself…AS SICK AS IT MAY BE.

Why would someone post videos of me to hurt Manfred? Manfred is a piece of shit…if they agreed with me…as they state below…they would have contacted me and asked me to join forces.

Manfred, I took out the videos posted in the comment below. I think that this is just another one of your attempts to get me to advertise for you…for free! I am also concerned that there may be a virus attached. All I need is to be responsible for that. My topic of discussion has been Manfred Kammerer all along and it still is!

This post is freaking creepy…but, no creepier than Manfred Kammerer!



Submitted on 2012/09/20 at 7:16 am

You’ve earned a little help

This is where the title of two YouTube videos were placed.

We hijacked this inflammatory youtube account and used it to re-post your videos. Which by the way, we ripped from your website.

We have damning information that connects Manfred Kammerer’s family to the Holocaust in Germany. He has been hiding German war criminals right under the nose of Interpol, and Israeli intelligence for the last four decades.

It’s time to expose this sick bastard. Before he escapes to South America to live out his days on his very own private Island (which we know you’re aware of)

Shalom my child.
Tel Aviv Israel

I wish that this person would at least change his verbiage!

So, Manfred is a sadistic crook…DUH!

If there is inappropriate in this message…that’s not my problem. I sent it to Internal Affairs/DeKalb County Police Department, as it was sent to me the day after my visit. If there is anything crazy involved…and nothing was done…just as nothing was done with the FRAUD I presented to them…tell it to someone who cares…because, they sure don’t! They have a department that could check out every post that I have sent to them…NOTHING!

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