Classic Collision Atlanta Dragging Everybody Down With You #410

Posted on 20. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Reflecting on 7/15/13

I added the name of the person, who told me Manfred Kammerer’s son was committing Insurance Fraud…then I took it away.

When this person told me, I genuinely thought that they could not afford to associate with such behavior, Now, I see…they just wanted their last paycheck. After all, they should have turned Classic Collision over to the authorities. No, not only did they return to Classic Collision of Buckhead but, they  now manage the shop  in ——–.

I sent them a text message so that they might see their name and sue me if they chose…knowing that Manfred would love for them to take care of this mess for him…since Manfred is such a coward. Then, I realized something….If this person is stupid enough to keep their mouth shut for Manfred…so be it, I was young and dumb once, too!

Besides, I don’t have anything against this person…if that person is O.K. with Manfred hitting on their mate at the company Christmas party, raping me and committing Insurance Fraud…that’s their problem. Sticking up for Manfred will catch up with them sooner or later!

They told me to leave them out of it and to stop contacting them. They should have left me alone, when I was picketing! They told me several times, in the past…. that Manfred always has a ulterior motive…yet, they were “With The Company Now!”

I told them that I wasn’t contacting them to catch up…I figured that the attorney in their family might want to get a crack at their name in lights…and BTW, I wonder why that attorney didn’t advise them to turn Manfred over to the authorities!!!!

Next time any of Classic Collisions’ employees has a problem with Manfred, they need to keep their mouths shut! If they don’t know what to do and are frustrated, I understand. Its not like management will help you turn the company in for wrong doings. If you know what is happening is wrong and you choose not to report it, shut up. All you are doing is creating friction in the work environment and you are as bad as Manfred is….you’re just keeping your mouth shut for a paycheck….and it only allows Manfred to continue with committing crimes!

No one informed me of what was happening to me. I wanted to give them a heads up.

So, their name is gone. If Manfred and his son want to come and get me…they can have at it!

Everything went dormant for a moment again….then, yesterday…..WHAM, again!

Manfred, does it look like I’m stopping?…and from what my insides are telling me….you aren’t quitting either!

This dormancy s— is nothing to take lightly! Manfred…you are to be thanked for every action and reaction caused by all of this…once again, things I would not be dealing with…had you kept your dick in your pants!

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