Classic Collision Atlanta Drama Kills #238

Posted on 31. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I had to apologize to someone today. It is a man I went on several dates with, a while back. He was one of the nicest gentlemen that I have ever met.

One day I sent him a message. He didn’t respond in his usual manner. I felt kind of weird, so I asked him if he went out on a date the night before…and he did! I had only gone out with him for lunch and coffee….but, he was crazy about me. I thought that he was very nice but, lets face it…back then, I didn’t know what to do when a man was nice to me…unless it was in a Manfred way…the kind which only has an ulterior motive. Anyways, he did not know how to tell me how he went out with this other woman and he had already made the date before he met me.

I really didn’t care. I thought it was kind of cute. Instead of just coming out and telling me that he did…we went through this song and dance…hours later…only for me to call him a liar!

I have been dealing with a lot of liars. Have I lied in the past? Yes. It wasn’t really my thing. People seemed to get off on my truth…right, wrong or indifferent…it fed the fire. Some people lie so much that they don’t know what the truth is, anymore….Manfred.

Some people lie only when they feel as if the other person will be destroyed.

Some people only lie in life threatening situations.

I think that the only time it would be acceptable to lie is…..if your child is being held hostage and the kidnappers ask if you have contacted the police…you tell them no…but, the answer is yes.

Getting past a lie…then confirming the truth…then getting past that…is just way too much drama. Maybe the truth will hurt, initially….but, nothing…and I mean nothing, can be more dramatic and painful…than finding out that you cannot trust someone…especially someone you care for!

So, I am glad that I apologize to this man….for punishing him…for all of the lies Manfred told me. He did not deserve that.

Oh….BTW…I just love it when men say that they cant handle women with drama in their lives. I have yet to meet a woman, that was a DRAMA QUEEN, whose problems weren’t due to a man! So…all you little boys out there…stick that in your pipes and smoke it!

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