Classic Collision Atlanta Effexor #427

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I have been so busy with other things…that I have forgotten to share some more of the horrifying experiences…that I have encountered…due to all of this crapola!

I was slowly but, surely…well on my way to crawling….then walking vs. flying, which I had done all of my life!

Because of all of the things that have been done to me…and that I have done to myself…my body cant handle squat!

So, instead of my Psychiatrist accepting the fact that I have ADD…and being too content of spinning HER Pharmaceutical wheel…the one her company is currently sleeping with…not necessarily the company that may be right for me…and, accepting that fact my body cannot handle 99% of the crap that the drug companies are peddling…and that exercise, sleep, journaling, therapy, etc work for me…and that my depression was caused by anxiety…and when my other doctor treated me for anxiety…it has helped me immensely…

Too many doctors seem way too busy comparing notes….which I understand. But, they don’t always compare their notes to individuals…everything is in groups!

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to listen to what happened to me in my life….top it off with Rape…and understand that some things will only get better with time.

There is no miracle cure for rape. Be careful, there are males like Manfred, waiting to convince you otherwise…around every corner. Do you want to land in my shoes…

Shoes that carry the feet…that are walking down the hall…that are attached to the body…that carries the mind…that is envisioning that people are coming up behind her and shaving the meat off of her calf bones. How in the Hell was that supposed to help me?

Ah, the effects of Effexor. Isn’t that awful. There is a legal drug…out on the market…that was as sadistic to me…as Methamphetamines. Do you want to know what the best part was….when you talk your Psychiatrists’ boss…who is a JaCKwAGON, indeed…and all he can do is tell you how many success stories he’s had with it. I think that these professionals should be forced to sample their samples!

Remember, its not a science…its trial and error….at least that’s what they tell you! Before anyone prescribes medications to you…and all they know how to do is compare you to a chart…make sure you show up with your sleeping bag, on your next visit…tell them they get to live with the Hell you’re experiencing!…and, to top it all off….they want you to keep taking things for at least three weeks! My ass!

If I want to visit Hell, Satan lives 2980 Piedmont Rd, Atlanta, GA…

Wow, wasn’t that another wonderful experience. Thank you Manfred!


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