Classic Collision Atlanta Election Day #148

Posted on 25. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Today is election day. I hope that everyone votes responsibly.

Me? Well, I have been accused of liking/sucking big black —–, in the videos that were made about…this is all because I noted in one of my posts..that Manfred once asked on of his office managers, if she was sucking all of the big black —– in that particular shop…Now, I’m an Obama fan too?  Manfred, you are just ticked because you and your gang of bullies can’t control what people do. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you…doesn’t mean that their opinion/vote should not count.

It is really amazing that you shared bodily fluids with me for 3.5 years…and tried hard to make it four…yet, you would not even have a clue as to how I might vote. Oh, that is because I was nothing but a receptacle to you!

Manfred, Obama is not African American. He has dark skin…and as you all can read…in posts #65 & #68, listed 3rd & 4th  on my site…as well as the comments that have been approved on my site…and the videos that were made about me…Manfred Kammerer does not have any use for anyone with dark skin….

But, he’ll have sex with someone that he’s is accusing of liking to suck big black —–! What a hypocrite. That, to me…is no different than when slave owners were having sexual relations with their slaves. Why would you stick your thingie in something you perceive to be trash…how do you think races became mixed?

I don’t care what a person’s skin color is. All you guys have done is prove that racism does exist. If you HAVE THE OPINIONS THAT YOU DO, TRUST ME..YOU ARE THE KIND OF PERSON THAT WOULD LOCK UP A MAN OF COLOR AND ALLOW A WHITE ONE TO GO..IF YOU WERE IN A POSITION TO PULL THEM OVER, WHILE DRIVING! Its gross but, its true!

I’m sad that this has turned so racist ..but, how many people of color do you think have sat back…over the years…and shook their heads while the white man made a bunch of bone head decisions…that they had no control over…probably a billion! Karma is a bitch, ain’t she!

Today is a really tough day. I personally think that the candidate that wins…generally spends his term greasing the palms of the people that helped them get there! I do not think that any of them care about me personally. All I can do is..pray that the person that wins…is genuinely concerned about getting this country back on its feet. Lets face it, not everyone makes decisions for the right reason.

Oh, men can chase after women because of the way that they look..not because of what they have to offer as a person…

But, Mr. Kammerer..its not O.K. for a voter to vote based upon the same concept!

Man…that was pretty thick!…and pretty sick!

I am not trying to offend anyone. How you vote is your business.

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