Classic Collision Atlanta Emotional Turmoil #287

Posted on 15. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Last week, I sat with two people and told them…that its not often that we get to wrong our rights…and unfortunately, I have gotten to see a lot of the damage that this MAY HAVE CAUSED Manfred.

I am sitting here thinking of what he must be going through and how it’s a shame…that he was willing to risk everything he has…just so that he could win…..a game that I have never been playing with him.

Sadly enough, I have developed a great concern for what may be happening to his family members right now. Funny how we say we love our family members and turn around and hurt them like this.

Yes, I actually feel sorry for you Manfred. I feel sorry that someone who is so talented…had to choose to do what you have done all of these years…and risk it on a woman you wouldn’t give gas money.

I cannot recall whether it was the GBI or the FBI that I had called one day…and the female on the phone told me….”Nobody cares about you more than you!” I cannot be too concerned about you. I have to look out for my safety.

You never gave a damn about me…..and last week…you proved that you are who I said you are….and, every time I was devastated….in the four years that this occurred…you either tried to get into my top or pants, told me that I was crazy, told me to get over it, told me that I was delusional, called me an asshole, called me a bitch…..need I say more. Everything is always about you…why go on…especially when you are the cause of all of your problems…

Well, you still have everything. I am now disabled and have next to nothing but, FIGHT IN ME. Not physical fight. I have been granted the strength to fight you until the end.

I am sad that you were too foolish to see…that this survivor is not quitting now…and if anything else happens to me…I think that we can all safely say that you are responsible…and you will not be able to lie your way out of this now!

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