Classic Collision Atlanta Employees Abusing Their Positions #399

Posted on 31. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


What do you do…when you have been abused by the opposite sex, employers, the system and medical professionals?

Do know this, I have done far more than my share of wrong doings. Once again…I am not Manfred Kammerer. I am not here to destroy everyone because I can…then throw a temper tantrum, when I do get my way.

I am talking about a million reasons not to trust…when it shouldn’t be that way!

Think about it, People have no control…over a lot if things in their lives…and if they can take it out somewhere, they will.

Example: A teacher gets in a fight with her husband, before to heads out to school that day. It is possibly, the most horrific fight that she will ever have in her marriage. Do you think that her behavior, in the classroom, might be impacted by the events that took place that morning? Do you think that the teacher will be able to give her full attention to her classroom? Do you think that even…maybe…she might raise her voice, in a situations that may arise…where normally, she would not?!?!

We expect certain people to behave in certain ways. The truth of the matter is, there are very few people who put their problems at the door, each day when they enter the workplace.

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