Classic Collision Atlanta Employment Opportunity #158

Posted on 16. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta



Just like you heard me tell Detective that a female contacted me on Facebook ….and said that you were pursuing her…then, I received an email from Facebook, shortly thereafter, stating that they were sorry that I was having trouble logging into my account and I wasn’t…then, someone set up an identical Facebook account and began contacting all of my friends….PHONE TAP!

I’m sure that you heard the conversation, yesterday, where an employer contacted me about a job.

IF YOU INTERFERE WITH MY ABILITY TO OBTAIN EMPLOYMENT, ANY FURTHER….that would only mean that I will have more time on my hands to write posts and search for attorneys. Press me hard enough and I just May find the time to file a suit against you myself.

Everything that you have attempted has failed.

If what I was doing did not bother you,,,you wouldn’t have paid these people to do bully me. It is wearing you out that you have finally been exposed. Take me to court Manfred.

BY THE WAY…I am telling everyone who speaks to me about employment what you did to me and what I am doing about it. I am not going to waste their time or mine!

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