Classic Collision Atlanta End to Addiction? #209

Posted on 26. Oct, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I had an interesting thought today. Does addiction ever go away? There are things that I will never do again. They are not an option. They will either cost me my life, my health or they will jeopardize my resources…the little that I do have.  I know that I exercise and clean more…now that I cannot do certain things….I guess that helps me deal with the struggle. Its easier to do the wrong things, when I have urges…but, look where that behavior landed me.

Is it O.K. to do certain things, NOW, if I choose to do them with people who treat me better…are concerned about my welfare and would be there for me in a crisis? I think that we are supposed to try to get to know ourselves…and indulgences can be O.K….as long as we are fully aware of the consequences and try to keep the lines of communication open.

I guess that I am so used to being used and lied to that Im waiting for the bottom to drop out…and devastation around every corner…that I am not capable of accepting the fact that some people are good and that if things don’t work out…its just a part of life sometimes.

Either way…if it feels EVIL, run.

I tell you what…it sure is nice to be treated well. This new life is definitely strange but, it I think that I could get ten times more pleasure out it….without Dirt Bags in it!

Life does not have to be full of misery, struggle and usury. Granted…there will always be ups and downs….but, I can be happy and it can be O.K……

I think its called…step by step….and EVERYTHING in moderation.

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