Classic Collision Atlanta Engrid’s Demise #135

Posted on 05. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I emailed this to the proper parties, yesterday. The last time I gave Manfred a hint as to what I was doing….the letter from the police, to me…posted on the cover page of a website…the letter was taken down.

Well, the video of my demise has now been viewed. I can only imagine that it was accompanied by a large tub of popcorn!


To Whom It May Concern,

I am very curious. I would like for all of you, for a few moments, to pretend that I am a female in your family.

Please Google YouTube and enter my name. I cannot provide the URL for this video, as some of your systems will now allow its content.

Engrid Lirette : The Wicked Homewrecker of The East- flagged.

I have been so busy lately…now I know why. It appears that I have been having extramarital affairs with men I do not know. That would explain a lot!

Crossed out eyes and my corpse…hardly a laughing matter.

This video appears to be a threat to my life. That’s O.K.. I get it. Engrid Lirette’s rights, as a victim, are those that some of you have SELECTIVELY CHOSEN TO IGNORE.

File harassment charges. Arrest me if you like.

When my body is found, there will be an email trail attached to it.

There will also be records of what some of you…those who should have done SOMETHING…..have done to help me. Nothing!

Now, by choice…you can stop pretending…and go back to thinking of me as EXACTLY WHO I AM TO YOU…NOBODY, NOTHING!


Engrid Lirette

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