Classic Collision Atlanta Everyone Has A Boss #385

Posted on 14. Jun, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


The police do not have to read you your rights, before an arrest!

I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t arrested and have never been. I was, however, in a situation…where I didn’t understand what my rights may or may not have been.

Once again, I can not go into detail, currently…and its eating at me. But, I’m not screwing g this one up!

I found out…and it makes sense….

90% of the population….will try to haul ass…and hurt who/whatever is in their paths….and the person in front of them…by law…doesn’t have to tell you what is going on!

In fact…when you see people being read their rights…on TV…that’s on TV….and I asked this question to a higher up…in one of Georgia’s police departments.

Think about it. It makes sense. If you were in a position of authority…and there was a chance that you could get hurt…by a person who simply doesn’t with to be detained…what would you do?

The difference is…I’ve seen it and I’ve been there…said professionals do not have a right to lie…to cover their asses. I believe that many of them do!

FILE A COMPLAINT! HOW MANY TIMES CAN A PROFESSIONAL RECEIVE A COMPLAINT?….AND HOW LONG CAN THOSE COMPLAINTS BE IGNORED. I get it. The Government covers up stuff, everyday! But, in this he end…all of this is in records, somewhere!

I understand that people have to do their jobs. But, people should be treated accordingly. The moment everyone is treated the same…due to all of the bad experiences that professionals may have encountered….or you are treated like “Everyone Else” who has behaved inappropriately…..

Understand…you were put there for a reason. Everyone has a boss! And, I do mean EVERYONE!

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