Classic Collision Atlanta Fifteen #141

Posted on 30. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I would like for all of you to imagine….being a 68 year old SEXUAL PREDATOR, who gets aroused by bullying his rape victims. Yeah, I wouldn’t want to imagine being that either.

There are now 15 YouTube videos posted about me….none of which I have made. Please refer to post #65 & #68, listed 3rd & 4th on my site…there you will see Manfred Kammerer’s direct connection to his attempts to bully me.

Does it look like it is working?

How many people view my site daily, Manfred? Who is viewing my videos…other than the people I tell, the people you are paying to make the videos…and the people that are reading about your being a rapist!!! You are SICK!…and all of this is because you are a bitter old man that no one wants sexually. That is disgusting and so are you!…and for your information…if I were a witch…well, I think we all know the rest of that story. Never mind, I wouldn’t want to do that, even to toads!

Isn’t it amazing. I am 5’5”….weigh 125lbs….and am all of a size 2…and this coward cannot stand up to me in a manner that he should. You prey on people who are destitute.. You can destroy me in court! Why not bring it on?

Manfred Kammerer is “Supposed To Be” an upstanding member of the business community. Instead, he is nothing but a rapist, a liar, a con artist and a bully.

You are a married, business man who is not supposed to be having sex with anyone other than your wife…and definitely not employees.

Looks like those voice mails are biting you on the ass. Nah, you’re just edgy because you cannot screw anyone right now!

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