Classic Collision Atlanta Flesh vs Spirit #434

Posted on 26. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I had a life altering conversation, today. God has been telling me do certain things. Oddly enough, I don’t feel uncomfortable doing them. Most people would tell me that I crazy for doing these things but, they are too comfortable living in the flesh. I cannot even admit that I’m living in the flesh, for the moment and have the person in front of me accept it for what it is, They have to prove that they reinvented the wheel and screw that up too. The thing is, living in the flesh will kill you quicker than anything you can imagine. You only have so much flesh….before you run out. If you live a fast and furious lifestyle, look at those people as they age….that’ll turn into leather and dry up quick! No amount of moisturizer can fix that.

I’m talking about God having the ability to destroy you, quicker than you can destroy yourself, if you don’t listen to him.

Look at me. How could I possibly survive what I have? That’s interesting because, I had a conversation with someone today…that makes me look like Mary Poppins. That person’s past didn’t phase me. Where they are today…Holy Cow! This person stated that they have the mark of Satan. I believe them. They also stated that they don’t touch others ands keep them at a distance because of what it . I asked them to shake their hand before I left.  They grabbed my hand, hard enough to fracture it…and we prayed!

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