Classic Collision Atlanta Flip Flops #117

Posted on 22. Jan, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Are any of you familiar with flip flops? Not the kind you wear to the beach…or to the pool…or even the kind that some so boldly try to wear to work, as an excuse for casual work attire…Ha!Ha!

I’m speaking of FLIP FLOPS in life!

You know how you can make a decision…and two seconds after you have made it…you’d like to beat yourself upside the head with a baseball bat…because you know that you are about to get screwed!!! What do you do…when you have every right to believe that the person who screwed you, won’t screw you again?!? What if their behavior has been quite remarkable and you are so blinded by their progress that you are not able to believe that they would screw up again?

Unfortunately. People who screw up most of their lives…are prone to screw up again…time and time again…for a while…until they get better. They didn’t become a screw up over night and they are not going to improve over night. The key is not to put yourself in harms way…because these people are going to hurt you again…..and again and again. If you are young…you have all the time in the world and the ability to tolerate. If you are older, you may just want to cut your losses and move on.

What’s the key? You tell me! The decision I made was gut wrenching…I lost someone I REALLY cared about! When I think back though…they took WAY MORE THAN THEY GAVE…and did not give as much as they could. They were not as good of a friend to me as I was to them…that began to steal my joy. This person felt it was O.K. put their welfare before mine. That’s not LOVE…People who love one another should never treat one another that way.

I woke up this morning and was ready to bounce off of the walls…my happiness is back. Could a part of my recent illness and inability to laugh been caused by my association with a very dear friend who is TOXIC for me? All I know is…it felt sooooo good to laugh again!

Those of you who haven’t laughed in a while…you should find out what’s stealing your joy and kick it to the curb.

I tell you what…after what I just survived…I refuse to be unhappy…and I refuse to be used ever again. That doesn’t mean that I wont ever be unhappy or used…it just means that I will never lose as much of myself to anyone or anything TOXIC, again!…

What I’m trying to say is…as hard as it(whatever it is that you are going through) is…to accomplish whatever it is you are trying to accomplish…if its for the greater good of your well being…the change you need to make is going to hurt like HELL now…but, it’s a lot better than the HELL you may be living in for God only knows how long!

Today, I find joy in the little things….things that I was totally unaware of when I was younger. Now, I try to squeeze in as many tid bits of joy into a day, that I can get. Add them up and what will you have? ….a smile that no one could put a price on!

I dedicate the smile on my face to Manfred Kammerer. I have nothing and I’m as happy as a clam…most of the time. You Have everything. …and you are miserable. I just like to let you know…on a daily basis…that even though there is scum like you in the world…I can still find a way to be happy!

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