Classic Collision Atlanta Food For Thought #154

Posted on 19. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I met someone. That someone is in a very bad predicament. That predicament began when their boss wanted them to condone behavior of theirs that could result in jail time, had the company ever been audited.

Funny thing…I began thinking about taking a poll last weekend. I thought about asking people, in groups of tens…in different areas…what they would do if their employer told them to do something illegal…shortly thereafter, I ran into this situation!

I’ve had a boss tell me that I would be fired if I ever did something that I was not supposed to…yet, that person is expected to do things that are not legal. How does that work?

How do you tell your boss no, when you have a family to support and a mortgage to pay…in a horrible economy?…The first three people that I have asked have said that they would not…one, is in the situation that they are in because they will not lie…the other, is more scared of God than any man they will ever encounter on this planet…the other, is really enjoying the amount of sleep that they are now getting at night.
Imagine being fired because you are not willing to participate in illegal activity. If the other employees are willing to cooperate…wont they be willing to lie, if questioned by the authorities?

I think that people should think twice before they stick their necks out for certain people…after all, the person I am speaking of…their situation is currently being handled in Washington, D.C.

I do not think that the average person assumes that situations like these will land in court…much less the Supreme Court. So, how does one go about lying to the authorities….then, lying after placing their hand on the Bible.

Just thought you all might want to think about that for a while….

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