Classic Collision Atlanta #444

Posted on 17. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


My therapist and I had the most interesting discussion. I am torn between whether people act as if they have private lives because they aren’t doing anything wrong and they don’t care to get wrapped up in others’ drama….or if they are doing things that are wrong and they just act as if they are private, in order to cover them up.

So, there was mention of a “Men’s Christian Conference”. I do not remember what the exact discussion was but, I do remember this…the hotel manager found it very interesting how many of them went on and on about what Super Christians they were…knowing all the while, what these males just so happen to “view” on their televisions, the night before. In other words, you have to PURCHASE PORNOGRAPHY! Yes, at least 50% of these males behaved one way in public…yet, another….behind closed doors! I now recall that it was mentioned that the manager was Jewish…and his curiosity came from wanting to know exactly which religions actually found that acceptable…

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