Classic Collision Atlanta #439

Posted on 22. Apr, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I met someone  the other day…..Part One! I was partaking in a survey. Before you know it, that person and I began to discuss my situation, Well, her eyes didn’t get too big…Her daughter seems to be quite the little activist, herself!

It seems that her daughter was in a night club in New York. Near her, was a female who was a friend of hers…who had become drowsy from the medication she had taken earlier that day. Her friend was…to the best of my recollection, sitting in a chair…and a male came up to her…and began to fondle her. The first young lady begins to tell this male things that I would have told him….He actually told her that it was none of her business, that it was no big deal and that she needed to leave him alone!

So, let me get this straight….Male  molests woman in night club…while she is sedated…and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that? Hell no! Well, the female that I am speaking of…she let him have it! She’s my shero!

What would you do….if you witnessed a female…who was incapable of defending herself…being molested, out in public?

Let’s say…that male got screwed that night, after all…by himself!

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