Classic Collision Atlanta Freedom of Speech #13

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written 6/1/12a.m.

Manfred Kammerer, the owner of Classic Collisions, is a SEXUAL PREDATOR continued…

On my Facebook Wall and recent website post, I was incorrect on my dates. I actually began picketing near Classic Collision of Buckhead on Monday, January 30, 2012. My third week into picketing is when I started experiencing some problems.

We will begin with 2/10/12 in particular. The man whose picture is posted above harassed me. He was trying to provoke me into breaking the law, since I had a legal right to picket. He was trying to take a picture of me while standing at the end of the block in which I was standing. I simply told him to come on over and take a picture, if he wanted to. Obviously, I was not trying to hide anything. The thing about this man was, he’d asked me to drop my sign below my sun glasses. I couldn’t. I had a cord attached to my sign which rested on the back of my neck. He then proceeded to move towards. Once he was standing directly in front t of me, he tried to stick his camera over the top of my sign and into my face….by then, my skin began to crawl. I ordered him to get out of my face and to get the —- away from me. I tried to avoid him and go about my business. I could not. He began following me every time I tried to get away from him and wouldn’t leave me alone. I eventually began to scream at the top of my lungs for him to leave me alone. Still, nothing. I walked to my friend’s vehicle, which I was driving, to obtain my cell phone. He followed me and then began to take pictures of the vehicle and its license plate. I let him know repeatedly that if anything were to happen to that vehicle…he’d be having a bad day. He was so busy trying to threaten me that he did not think for one second….that the owner of that vehicle has a POLICE CAPTAIN in their immediate family. As you will!

Why would this man go through the trouble of harassing me when he didn’t know me from ADAM!!!! Let me guess…he was a private investigator hired by someone affiliated with Manfred Kammerer. Nevertheless, I managed to take a few pictures of him and proceeded to call 911 on him. He began to walk back in the direction from which he came. I followed him to his car, took down his license plate number and obtained the description of his vehicle and gave it to the Atlanta Police Department. His information was documented with 911 and his face has been seen by everyone who has viewed everything I have posted…all leading to my Facebook Wall. Did this man really think that he was going to scare me off? I guess that Manfred Kammerer did not tell him that I told him (Manfred) that I was ready to go met Jesus when he (Manfred) threatened my life.

The man above was invading my space so that I might push him out of my way. I had fallen awhile working at Classic Collision and had suffered a concussion. Ever since, I have had severe claustrophobia. I wanted to knock the blonde off of his hair so bad that I couldn’t stand it but, I am not a violent person… I have never been in a physical altercation in my life. I am not proud of what came out of my mouth but, I am proud of myself for not stooping to this man’s level.

Other than me….Does anyone else not think its disgusting how these men are going around BULLING WOMEN?!?! Manfred, I had a right to picket and I have a right to tell my story. IT’S CALLED FREDOM OF SPEECH. I know that you cannot stand it when anyone speaks out against you or is in a position which is not gratifying to you. SUE ME. You have he money to do that. You can bury me in court with paperwork. You have the ability to make my life a LIVING HELL, again….what gives?

Below is my actual Facebook ….

I would like to thank the man who harassed me last Friday afternoon, while I was… picketing. I don’t know why he would think it is appropriate to follow me up and down the sidewalk, take pictures of the vehicle I am driving and invade my space in a manner that was offensive. The only time anyone should be that close to another person is when they are about to have sexual relations or when they are about to assault someone. That’s fine, your face and a description of your vehicle are now plastered on the internet. I called 911 and gave them your information. Manfred Kammerer can thank you for my posting this information on the internet. If a hair is misplaced on my head, if my vehicle is harmed, if I am harassed again…I will have the police question you and Manfred Kammerer first.See More

By: Engrid Lirette

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  1. Exposed

    18. Aug, 2012

    They are not videos they are screen caps from a conversation where you did in fact specify that you where never raped. Turn your html on and you will see it.

    Your specific words where “the man never did force me against my will. The heartless asshole refused to help me with my medical bills, or loan me money. I needed those things.”

    Lets brush up on the definition of rape.
    Rape: forcing another person to have sexual intercourse

    So seeing as you where never actually forced to do anything(your words not mine) you where never actually raped. Which makes you no not a rape victim but a disgruntled gold digger who never got paid for her services.

  2. Exposed

    10. Aug, 2012