Classic Collision Atlanta Good Cop! #190

Posted on 14. Nov, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I was pulled over by an officer, recently, and didn’t realize how certain things were still bothering me.

The conversation turned to my current situation…the officer asked if I lived at the address that is on my license…that opened a can of worms. I told him that I did not have a residence…if he didn’t believe me that he was welcome to read my website.

The sad thing is, Manfred…many people are aware that there is a buddy system that exists! People get favors from their friends all of the time. You don’t have any friends…but, you are willing to create a buddy through the favor system. You wont do anything for anyone that will help the…but, the minute you aren’t getting what you want anymore…you will spend ?????? To see to it that your victim suffers even more! If people obtain favors through acquaintances…it is very likely to obtain favors from officers. There isn’t as much of it going on these days because, its a lot harder to hide things…just like Manfred cant go around molesting women any longer…because, the next employee he hits on is going to have his ass hauled into court!…and I will be the Guest star of the show!

End all, end all…once again…it was suggested that I take this to the media!

Remember…you have a boss to answer to, too! I’m sure that many of you have done things that your employer has told you to do…that you shouldn’t have done…in order to keep your jobs.

How is any of this different? Can you imagine being a police officer and having your boss tell you to sweep a criminal act under the rug!

Manfred, each and everyday…more and more people find out about what you have done to me…and the kind of person you really are….and you are stupid enough to think that I will get tired of this and stop. You were addicted to hurting me and were never going to stop. I am addicted to making sure that you keep your hands where they belong.

I treated the officer….as if he was one of the ones who did not do their jobs properly, in regards to my rape case….that is because I was disappointed in how I feel about the police now. It made me realize that I have to do what is right for myself and others who are selectively ignored…and most importantly…I had to apologize to the officer for something that had nothing to do with him.

He was a very nice man. I’m glad that I was able to turn the situation around. We had a really nice conversation….and I was able to see that I am moving in the right direction.

Not all policemen are jerks…and I think that some of the ones that are disgusted because they are tire of seeing scum like Manfred get away with crime…and there isn’t a damn thing that they can do about it.

I guess God only knows the answer to that one!

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