Classic Collision Atlanta Hangover #172

Posted on 02. Dec, 2016 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


What a horrible existence! I have not taken Cymbalta in two days, and I still feel hung over! I went from being emotional…which I prefer…to having no feelings about anything at all!

I will say this…if there are those of you who have just experienced something so traumatic…that you cannot function…or you’re depressed and you are over eating….OCD…ADHD…you have a severe thunderstorm going on in your head and you need a good set of windshield wipers….or arthritis pain that causes you to want to pull others’ hair out, as well as yours….you may wish to try this stuff….with your doctors permission, of course.

I think that some of these medications can be more difficult, depending on what a person has been through in their past…what they are experiencing currently…and what is on their plates in the future!

Maybe I am more upset about the fact that it seems like every answer to every problem in this world…seems to be a pill.

After all that I have been through…I firmly believe that therapy, exercise, diet and rest should be first on our prescription lists…unfortunately, that’s not always convenient and possible.

Most importantly, stay away from people like Manfred. I was two and a half years into my own personal recovery….and I backslid for four years of my life and have now lost six to this mess! Never fear, soon I will be on my new road to recovery…the road that will help me…and help me guide others…in their roads to recovery.

Manfred, I no longer hate you. I am now working on forgiving you. I cannot ever see you as being anything other than a molester and a criminal. That is very sad but, the truth hurts.

I am beginning to think…that before this is over…that you just might never put your hands on another female again…then again, that might be giving you too much credit.


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