Classic Collision Atlanta Happy Valentine’s Day! #243

Posted on 26. Oct, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. Unfortunately, this will be a sad day for some of you. You will have no one special or maybe you will be trying to recover from a relationship that did not work.

For those of you who are struggling…just know this…

Six years ago, Manfred called me and told me Happy Valentine’s Day at Classic Collision of Chamblee, GA. Yes, that’s what I was looking for…a male that was interested in the idea of HAVING a Valentine like me…yet was too freaking cheap to do anything for me…not on a rose…not even a piece of candy…even though he had just spent the last few months trying to coerce me into having sex with him, raped me and was only planning to use me until there was nothing left.

One year ago, I was picketing in front of Classic Collision of Buckhead. I wanted to die because, I just could not get the pain to go away! The mere thought of Manfred Kammerer made me want to vomit. Now, I think that he is just a horrible excuse fore a person. He has every resource to correct himself and his wrong doings….and chooses to do only what looks good….sure to return to his usual self, as soon as he has the opportunity to do so.

Me…I have spent the last 9.5 years…doing everything in my power, to not behave like that anymore. Good God has it been a train wreck…I even caused more accidents along the way.

I was raped and sucked into a miserable existence for a total of your years…by a man who only cared about how I made him look. Six years later…I look forward to my first real date…with a man that I would consider building a life…not one that will tear my life to shreds!

I still have the opportunity to continue to become a better person…and I owe that to God and society!

Life can get better. You all have to keep trying. Maybe, just maybe….with enough hard work….you may have a Valentine next year…that is the one. Look at all that I have endured….and the doors are still open for me.

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