Classic Collision Atlanta “HATRED AT IT’S FINEST!” #51

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…We interrupt our regularly scheduled to post to bring you “HATRED AT IT’S FINEST!”

I will not be responding to any of this until another date.

I feel that it is best that I take the time to respond appropriately.


Whitehat Hardware

Submitted on 2012/07/29 at 9:17 pm

If by bright you mean as dense as lead then yeah.


Submitted on 2012/07/29 at 8:56 pm

You have a funny looking open air Kitchen Engrid!

Whitehat Hardware

Submitted on 2012/07/29 at 8:53 pm

Colors have everything to do with it Engrid, everyone knows you love the dark cock more than you do the white cock. That’s racist in it’s self! You should give equal opportunity to every cock regardless of color or creed right? Even the tiny Asian ones!

If you’re so sure of your progressive self go downtown and walk amongst the choclate angels at around midnight. If they don’t mug you report back!

Choclate people are ruining America, look around you Miss Lirette. This country is in worse shape now than it’s ever been in recent history why? Choclate Jesus sits in the white house!

Show me a sucessful African, or South American nation with freedoms similar to ours. Show me a Mexico that isn’t corrupt, or a Zimbabwe that isn’t a shit hole.

You can’t.

It’s all communist third world shit holes.

Blacks commit 90% of the crime in America, yet we should trust them because Engrd says so.

Yeah.. right.

I made the videos about you dumbass because you picketed infront of my apartment and blocked everyone in for hours.

Then I watched you flee down the street like a coward being chased by another group of idiots. Unfortunately you also blocked the drive to my place of employment for a while. You know the little comic shop you pranced around in front of like the gold digging whore you are.

I don’t know your ex from adam, but jesus whatever he was doing to you he obviously didn’t do it well enough. Or enough times. Seriously go get some cock and shut the fuck up!

I bet youre lousey in bed.

P.S. Do you know what MARTA stands for Engrid?


: P

Submitted on 2012/07/26 at 9:06 pm

Yes let’s learn with letters Engrid.

How about we start with “fucked” as in how fucked in the head you are? Or “fucked” as in how fcked youre oging to be when the authorities find out you’ve hired a black hat hacker to do your bidding?

I was truly behind you, and your cause until you revealed yourself to be exactly what you hate the most and then some.

You and manfred are one in the same. You manupliate the minds of the public into believing the line of bullshit you spew. Face it you’re just another crazy ex that doesnt know how to let go.

In a way you are willingly participating in the rape of millions via the insane rants you post here.

how does it feel to become the hunter Engrid?

whitehat hardware

Submitted on 2012/07/26 at 8:56 pm

hiring black hat hackers Engrid? tsk. tsk.and here we thought you were the “good guy” in all of this.


Submitted on 2012/07/26 at 1:56 pm

I think other site proprietors should take this site as an model, very clean and magnificent user genial style and design, let alone the content. You’re an expert in this topic!

black hat

Submitted on 2012/07/26 at 6:30 am

You are a very bright person!

Lol the internets

Submitted on 2012/06/28 at 7:52 pm

Sugar coated threats? HAH.

Are you honestly that stupid? The world doesn’t revolve around you Miss. Lirete. The world however does find your situation hilarious.

your replies make it all the funnier, seriously L2 Interwebs.

Quite frankly, you’re almost as big a hit as Boxxy on 4-chan. Why don’t you wheel on over to /b/ and check out some of the other videos that have been posted about you?


Submitted on 2012/06/27 at 2:37 am

Your videos were popular because you’re a complete fucking joke. The proverbial ass hurt ex that wants to ruin her “man”.

You’ve become a meme, that will spread far and wide across the internet. Crazy eye woman protests long time! Crazy eye woman wants a divorce.

Yup that’s right Engrid, you’re the crazy eye’d woman. The bitch everyone loves to hate. The bitch that just couldn’t learn her place and stay in the Kitchen.


Submitted on 2012/06/27 at 2:28 am

What a dried up old cunt you are Engrid. Requiring moderation for comments is the sign of a COWARD. Silencing your critics is no better than what the communists did to political dissidents.

Kindly, go find the largest piece of rusty rebar and FUCK YOURSELF WITH IT.

Signed – Legion

Hans Hisenberg

Submitted on 2012/06/27 at 2:24 am

Congratulations, you’ve won a Darwin award.

There are videos about you on youtube

More are being uploaded as we speak ^.^

4 Responses to “Classic Collision Atlanta “HATRED AT IT’S FINEST!” #51”

  1. Exposed

    18. Aug, 2012

    They are not videos they are screen caps from a conversation where you did in fact specify that you where never raped. Turn your html on and you will see it.

    Your specific words where “the man never did force me against my will. The heartless asshole refused to help me with my medical bills, or loan me money. I needed those things.”

    Lets brush up on the definition of rape.
    Rape: forcing another person to have sexual intercourse

    So seeing as you where never actually forced to do anything(your words not mine) you where never actually raped. Which makes you no not a rape victim but a disgruntled gold digger who never got paid for her services.

  2. Exposed

    10. Aug, 2012