Classic Collision Atlanta Hell Doesn’t Discriminate #295

Posted on 10. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I don’t like that fact that people get off of hurting others. I am not talking about people who have hurt us…therefore, we have a right to be angry…I’m am talking about people who are inherently evil.

How can a person’s body, handle being EVIL, all of its life. How does a person hurt sooooo many people and still exist. I would think that the turmoil would just eat them up!

If a person had the resources to get better…wouldn’t you think that they would want to?

Hell doesn’t discriminate, Heaven does!

One day, my dislike for Manfred will no longer exist. What he has done to me will never go away. In the meantime…all I can do is fight like Hell…to get this crap out of my system…so that I can spend what life I have left, happy. Maybe he holds onto this because…something is better that nothing????

I actually thought that Manfred was not shutting my site down…once again, the other day…was because this is the only attention he receives…that’s not fake!

That’s so awful.

Well, he can add it to his other list of excuses…..and when we are standing in front of the judge…and he tells the judge that he felt sorry for me and didn’t want to hurt me…..yet, all along, he has had the resources…and everyone in  the courtroom sees what he has to me…especially on the Internet….

Hey, none of this got dirty, until he became involved! I have proof of everything!

That’s when he’s going to have to shell out the big bucks. Would Manfred bribe a judge? In a heartbeat! Oops, I became distracted again….Manfred, what was the excuse for not suing me…again?

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