Classic Collision Atlanta Hiding Behind Masks #417

Posted on 13. May, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


It has been happening in droves! It kind of makes me wonder. Some say that it is just nature. I think he’s trying to talk to us but, do we listen?  This has been out of control. He told me that it will appear that things are going swimmingly for him…in a way that it will seem as if it is the end of my world. But, it wont be. It is the beginning of him being dealt with. We know that things aren’t always as they seem. Quite frankly…lots of people have a way of behaving as if everything is as good as gold…when in all reality…it couldn’t be further from the truth…

Why am I discussing this again? Well, its my website…and I can! It is very therapeutic!…..and I believe that if we work on our problems…we can work through them. Dumping them off in someone else’s yard isn’t the answer and wishing them away doesn’t help either!

The more I look around…it seems as if I never left LA. People seem to be wearing masks….and  not just during Mardi Gras. Be careful. First, it starts with one mask. Then, you need another mask to help disguise your other moods and attire. Eventually, you’ll need one for everyday. Because…before you know it, you’ll be wearing one everyday. Take notes. You will need to remember which mask you wore, which day! When you lead a double life, eventually you wont be looking in the mirror any longer. You wont be able to look at yourself. When you do, you’ll go into shock, if you ever take it off. You won’t be able to stomach what is underneath.

Masks, double lives, lies…they’re all the same. Remember, maintaining them is all the same. No headache, caused by one, will be less severe than the other.

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