Classic Collision Atlanta History Repeating Itself #318

Posted on 18. Aug, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I DO NOT LIKE WHERE THIS IS HEADED! I woke up, 4/29/13, to find that I was having…what felt like a dream…but, I was in the midst of waking up…so, it was more like a vision. My vision was that Manfred Kammerer is in the process, of doing what he did to me, to someone else.

There was  humor, adoration, lots of charm and serious interest…but, they were all ploys. The humor was false. The adoration was a farce. The charm was conniving. The intent was very harmful. I saw him hanging around a front desk…but, that was interrupted by his concern for getting caught…which was taken over by him calling a certain someone on the phone…repeatedly, acting as if he is calling to talk to the shop manager…as an excuse to talk to a certain receptionist.

What was I thinking? No one helped me. In fact, when it looked like my behavior might disturb Classic Collision’s performance….I was even asked if I cared about what might happen to its employees. That says to me that the employees care more about their income…than the fact that females are being raped and molested on the job…among that many others things…which no now will mention, now.

If employees witnessed another employee get fired…when that employee was on the owner’s band wagon…do you think that any of them would go against him now?

I cannot remember a time when these visions have been wrong. Why would Manfred stop molesting employees or manipulating other women…into having sex with him…if he hasn’t been caught? He has NO reason to believe that he will ever get caught or that there is a need to stop.

My heart is racing…I can feel it beating, pounding in my chest and in my eardrums. Please

God, do not allow him to continue hurting other women. Enough damage has been done.


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