Classic Collision Atlanta Honors Hitler #144

Posted on 29. Nov, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta

As of mid June 2013, all videos posted about me, as mentioned in the following post…by Manfred Kammerer’s bullies…have been shut down. The last one was posted 4/21/13. I am sure there are more to come.


So, you molest your employees…then you call them whores. Many of the videos you had made about me clearly indicate that you have an obsession with Hitler…I wonder how all of those who are helping you…the ones that are knocking African Americans and Hispanics too…can really believe that you aren’t looking down your nose at them too? After all…Hitler really didn’t have any use for anyone if they were not 100% German, did he? Well, maybe he used them, abused them, then killed them! Hmmmm!

In one of the videos, I am holding up a sign…the sign I used to picket against Manfred Kammerer…and the sign now has a Handicapped symbol on it and there is an added arrow that points to me.

For those of you are new to this site. The man who raped me, Manfred Kammerer…is not only a RACIST…but, he is also attacking the Handicapped. I have mental and physical disabilities. This is a man who preys on people who have disabilities…don’t get me wrong…he’ll screw anything/anyone he can get his hands on…the disabled are easier targets!…Then, he has the nerve to turn around and berate them behind other people’s names…he’s even used my name…definitely in all of the videos.

Manfred, you are my hero! Maybe you and Hitler can exchange stories in Hell!

I hope that none of Manfred’s customers or your employees(including members in their families) have ever been the victim of racist slurs, have any mental or physical disabilities or have been a victim of RAPE.

This business is going to bite you on the ass! You think that people are too stupid to read posts #65 &#68, listed 4th & 5th on my site…and see you for who you truly are…YOU ARE SICK!

Last but not least…I hope that none of your employees or customers are Jewish!

Your videos about me do not seem to make good business sense.

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