Classic Collision Atlanta Honors Manfred’s Witches #497

Posted on 18. Nov, 2017 by in Classic Collision Atlanta

I cannot wait for Eva Kammerer to listen to this in court….and she she is now, just as responsible as Manfred Kammerer is. If she thinks that women are lined up around Atlanta, to get into Senior Troll’s pants…she needs the kind of help that even their money cant buy! Turning a blind eye doesn’t make it go away!


Halloween is a time for witches. I’ve waited a long time to honor these. These two left me comments, that lead to the letter ….from the DeKalb County Police, to me…which was  posted on the Internet….before I opened it. This letter was in regard to my rape case. It was NEVER signed out of open records and was posted illegally. I was told that I could be prosecuted for doing so, as I wanted to prove….yet again, that nothing was done on my case and they screwed up MANY times. That was in August 2012. It took me until August 2013 to receive any help from the DeKalb County Police. By then it was too late.

I cannot post the letter that they posted, as I can be prosecuted for doing so. Why didn’t they prosecute Manfred. He’s the only person who would want to post a letter stating that there was insufficient evidence.

By the way…Manfred…you can thank Jackie Fallbrook for so my posting you voicemails on my site. If you never touched me….why would I have voicemails from you that state that prove that you had a sexual relationship with me.

As far as the rape is concerned…they weren’t in the room, when I told you NO, repeatedly. As far as the threat was concerned, you did that over the phone. So, its my word against someone who was has connections with the DeKalb County Police.

I hope the two of you used fake names and hid your ass on the IP Addresses. Hey Stupid! This will be on the news…I promise you that. Manfred had you all convinced that this would be over. Does it look like I’m going anywhere.

If either of you ever gets raped, I want you to envision my face. Do you think that you would get an ounce of sympathy from me.” Given opportunity, I’d spit in your face and tell you that you got what you deserved. You are both horrible, evil, wicked bullies. Hats off to you on your special day….

These comments came to my email on Wednesday, 8/29/12. The site was established on Monday, 8/27/12 and the letter from the police was posted AT 7:41:51P.M. I came in the mail on Monday but, I DIDN’T OPEN IT UNTIL Tuesday, 8/28/12. How did these females get a copy of it. It was NEVER signed out of open records!

The site was removed after I began calling the DeKalb County Police. I was able to obtain the Domain Information.


Submitted on 2012/08/29 at 2:13 pm

I am furious with anger after reading about your lies on

Madam, how dare you lie about being raped.

Rape =/= a 4 year relationship.

You make every genuine rape victim look like crap by posting this shit. You are a troll that has no life outside golddigging rich men who never even touched you

Sincenerly Fuck you.

Terri, aren’t you darling! Trying to assist Manfred Kammerer in escaping being a racist prick. How can the racist comments be fake and yours be real. They appear, I approve them…and they post! Don’t be surprised….after I appear on the news….if there are mobs picketing outside of his shops. The comments came to my site and these idiots didn’t even think to cover their IP Addresses… neither did you. You all thought Manfred was going to get me to go way, by now. Manfred will not help you, if you receive any heat for this. Good Luck with what happens to you, for what you said to me. I’ve been to Hell, many times…you appear to fit the mold, perfectly. I suggest that you move further south…start getting used to the climate …that will one day be permanent for you.


Submitted on 2012/08/29 at 2:09 pm

Engrid, you disgust me.

You lied about being raped, you lied about what manfred said to you. you’re probably lied about the racist posts too.

You wouldn’t know what rape was if someone cock slapped you upside the head with a gigantic shit covered dildo and forced it in.

On behalf of the Atlanta rape victims association I have to let you know that we will be picketing you, at your place of work for this shit next week.


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