Classic Collision Atlanta How Do You Do IT? #298

Posted on 07. Sep, 2015 by in Classic Collision Atlanta


I had to encourage a friend to begin writing, yesterday.

I find that this person is in the same boat that I was in…and unfortunately, it has been longer and may not end…if the cycle isn’t broken. This person loves taking care of others and is constantly in a situation…where they are waking up…only to have neglected their own needs. Lets face it. There are way too many people that will keep on taking…as long as you allow them to. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being generous….just make sure that you feed yourself, before you feed everyone else. Unfortunately, too many people will eat everything you have…in the midst of  watching you pass out…due to starvation.

Right, wrong or indifferent, I have to listen to what God tells me to do. Speaking of which…I am really beginning to see where people have a problem with religion. Granted, sometimes…I’m pretty darn sure that what has been said to me…is nothing more than Satan trying to trip me up. Don’t worry people…God doesn’t approve of my language…and he doesn’t care for the hatred, either…

Be sure of one thing…he is the only reason that I am not dead, right now. He will fuel you to the very end. All you have to do is listen…as hard as it is, not to trip yourself up…and listen to what you think he might be telling you…and in turn, accidentally listen to yourself. As humans…we’re going to do things with our own twist…especially when we have been wronged.

If God can tell a woman to stay with an abusive husband…in her own mind….

Why cant God tell me to stand up to the person who has abused me, as well as her? Zoiks!

I don’t believe that God would want me to remain silent. How some women do this, I will never know. I guess it’s a generational thing…and I’m sure that these people are able to accomplish things that I have never dreamed of….

I just feel awful that these women get used and abused…and are forced to settle…because they think that God told them that they had to stand by their man.

Oh yeah…God says to stand by your MAN. That’s where things get really screwed up. Men are supposed to behave as men. I do not ever recall hearing that God says that its acceptable to honor your wife…by screwing every other woman you can get your hands on…

I have been in some really screwed up situations in my life but, thank you Jesus that I do not think that divorce would not be an option.


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